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list of accredditations including DAN, IMCA, The diver medic and qualsafe awards
QA Level 2Award in CitizenAid Terror Response Training

“With the threat level remaining at a high level, the police and security service continue to operate at a heightened state of readiness – the police are working on hundreds of investigations and making an arrest a day. However, no-one knows when or where a mass incident will take place.

Code Blue Education delivers a one day course to help you prepare yourself and your staff for a major incident.  

The course is for anyone who would like to learn how to be prepared and act confidently with life saving skills in the event of a Terror attack.  No restrictions however you must be able drag objects and people and be relatively fit and healthy.

Most of our training will be done at our Training facility in Brentford however we are able to come to your venue to teach your staff, just call to request a date.
Minimum of 6 delegates for a booking at your venue.
Call the office and ask for Chantelle or Chrissie
07912123702 or email

Date: 4th July 2017

Click this link to book on the course:

 or email

Code Blue Education Support the Citizen Aid App
Medical training from experts you can trust
Code Blue Education is a fully accredited London based training centre, committed to providing the best training for the Healthcare, Public and Diving Industry. 

Our flexibility allows you to choose whether you would like us to provide training at our fully-equipped centre in London or in-house at your own location. 

We currently offer a wide range of accredited courses, but our expertise also allows us to bespoke a course for your particular needs.

We don't just provide training courses to the medical and healthcare industry, we also cater for Schools, Colleges, and the Diving Industry in general.

Call us today for a competitive quotation or to discuss your training needs! 07912123702
Diving courses from code blue education

Featured Course for Commercial and Recreational Divers 

DMT Diver Medical Technical course accredited by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and DAN Europe.  

Duration: 80 hours (Two weeks) more info at

Are you looking for medical or diving training and need to upskill?

Have a look at our comprehensive selection of accredited courses below and get in touch! click the course for more details
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Qualsafe certification and approval
QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF) - 
QA Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator (QCF)
QA Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support and Management of Anaphylaxis (QCF)
QA Level 2 Award in Basic Life Support for Adults and Children (QCF)
First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (QAR)
IMCA logo
This course is an IMCA Accredited course
IMCA Diver Medical Technician 10 days  –
DAN europe logo
These are DAN Europe approved courses:
DAN Diver Medical Technician Course.
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Code Blue Education courses            
IV and Venepuncture Course – 1 day – call for dates
Immediate Life Support Course – 1 day - Call for dates
Paediatric Life Support Course -  1 day - Call for dates
Anaphylaxis Training 3 hrs (1/2 day)
AED Training 4-6 hrs 
Catheterisation - 4 hours (1/2 day)
Dental Practice Basic Life Support with AED & Medical Emergencies- 6 hours (1 day)
Medication Administration- 3 hours (1/2 day)
Basic Life Support - 3 hours (1/2 day)

We will soon be offering a series of online courses including:
Airway Management
Medication Administration
Mandatory Training for Healthcare
Safeguarding Level 1,2,3


Our training facilities are second to none with rooms that can be setup for any scenario or style of teaching. We have some of the most comprehensively equipped training rooms in the UK with access to onsite catering to make your training experience as pleasureable as it is informative.

We constantly research for new advancements and methods in teaching and deliver the most up to date courses with current content. Our style is informal and fun with plenty of humour, we don't subscribe to ancient methods of teaching which can be boring and sleep inducing! we believe that you learn when your interested so we try and keep our course content engaging.

We are a Registered Qualsafe Training facility:  Centre Number: 0906285

Why Get To Know CPR?

Anyone can learn CPR - and everyone should! do you know that 70% of Americans may feel helpless to administer CPR either because they do not know how to, or have let their training lapse.

This alarming statistic is particularly poignant as 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home!

Put very simply, the life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you know and love.
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